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Just between us, how inviting and luxurious can you make a conference room!? How much decoration do you need to hang up in an open-plan office to make a party atmosphere!?


Taking beers out of the kitchenette minibar that drip all over your corporate gift vouchers that you’ll never use…

We invite you to put all of that aside, free yourself of the office and just bring the people to Kanta!

A business events, a product launch, a team outing or even if the boss just wants to spoil you with a bit of the company budget – leave the office for a once-in-a-lifetime luxurious experience with a rich bar, varied specials menu, urban Tel Aviv atmosphere on the roof of Gan Ha’ir and, more than anything, a break from the routine will do you a world of good!


You can hire the entire venue and create an intimate feeling just like you’ve always wanted, or take over an area of the Kanta and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Any time of day, any day – we’re here to get you out of the office for an experience that you’ll still be talking about the next day.


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