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If you’re real Tel Aviv folk or have always dreamt of feeling like king or queen of the world for just a moment, you already know all of the advantages of a wedding in the city… We invite you to celebrate the happiest day of your life at our Kanta, at an unforgettable event that your guests won’t be able to stop talking about.

Imagine standing with the love of your life, hand in hand, on an open rooftop under the heavens, in the urban landscape of Ibn Gabirol Street – the most talked about street in the country, and sharing that moment with all of the people dearest to you.

What more could you want, you ask!?

A chef’s menu with special dishes that will provide an experience of culinary luxury, a unique and varied cocktail bar that might make your aunt misbehave on the dance floor but will lift you event to new heights.

There’s covered parking for your guests, so don’t be “scared” of Tel Aviv. We have an amazing atmosphere that combines the outdoor balcony with an awesome interior, an urban landscape overlooking the whole of the city from the top of Gan Ha’ir, and a warm-hearted team that will make you feel like they’re family. And most importantly, you. The happy couple that allowed us the honour of taking part in your happy day.

And we promise to go through the whole process together with you, planning and tailoring everything to your expectations, so that at the end of the party you can sit around drunk and say: “We’ll never ever forget this day!”